Custom designed entryways for your home.

Custom designed entryways for your home.

If you are a fan of stained glass and have been considering adding some stained glass to your home, you might consider some entryway custom stained glass. Entryway stained glass can add timeless beauty to a high traffic area of your home. In addition, it can also add some much needed natural light to an area of your home that in many homes is very dark.

Over our two plus decades in business, we have found that entryways are one of the most popular places that people want to add stained glass. There are several reasons for this.

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1. Many homes were built as part of a large development, and they look fairly generic, similar to every other home on the block. But Colorado residents are not a generic bunch. We take pride in our homes and want our unique tastes and individuality to shine through. Adding entryway custom stained glass makes your home unique, a true stand-out. Plus, it adds value to your home.

2. Entryways are the first impression someone gets of your home. They provide a welcome to guests and family members returning home, or at least they should. Our customers find that adding stained glass adds that welcoming touch. It not only says welcome, it gives a guest the first inklings of the beautiful décor they are about to find on the inside of your home.

3. For people who live in a crowded downtown area with a lot of people walking by on the street, sometimes entryways feel like they don’t afford quite enough privacy. Or for folks who do a lot of traveling, they don’t want strangers peering into the home and being able to tell no one is there. Privacy is an issue that more and more people are realizing they want more of in our fast-paced, high tech world. By adding entryway custom stained glass using frosted or textured glasses, you can create the privacy you are seeking, easily and beautifully. Without blocking the natural light from flowing into this frequently dark part of the home.

4. Last, but not least, stained glass adds a certain elegance, beauty, and class to your home that cannot be denied. It’s not just a new window, it’s a piece of custom designed art, done to your style and your tastes.

If you would like entryway custom stained glass, you have several options. We can design, build, and install it in the sidelights next to your front door. If there is a transom window above your front door, we can add a matching window there as well. And many of our clients also commission us to add a stained glass panel right into the front door itself, for the biggest entryway impact.

What kind of entryway stained glass do you see in your home?

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Martin Faith is a celebrated stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. In 1991, Martin moved from Scotland to the United States and brought with him his personal collection of antique glass. After opening his own studio, he began selling items from his collection and also creating new custom stained and leaded glass windows for customers in the Houston area. Today, Custom Stained Glass Houston is one of the largest and most successful studios of its kind, specializing in stained glass repair, church stained glass restoration, and residential privacy glass. Over the past thirty years, over 50,000 windows have been produced and sold for over 12,000 customers. The company has been highlighted on top media outlets such as HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, and NBC and has earned national recognition.

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