Stained Glass Pricing Guide

Stained Glass Pricing

A beautiful stained glass window for your home is the perfect addition to add charm and character to any room. While making the decision to buy a stained glass window is an easy one, gaining an understanding of stained glass pricing can be a bit more challenging. However, we at Houston Custom Stained Glass, have assembled a simple pricing guide, to help you, the consumer, get a grasp on how glass is priced, so you can make the best design decision for your home and budget.

Since stained glass pricing is based on two elements: the size, which determines the base price and the complexity which determines the additional cost, one can begin to get an idea of how much their window will cost by understanding each of these costs and how the two factor together.

Determining the Base Price

Base Price (based on size): The size of the window is the first component to calculate a base price for a stained glass window. To provide an accurate base price, knowing the exact dimensions of the intended window is required.

Determining the Per Piece Price/Additional Cost:

The additional cost is based on the number and/or complexity of the pieces in your stained glass design. The complexity of your stained glass typically falls into three categories:


A straightforward, usually geometric design with a limited amount of pieces (around 20 and under) and no specialty embellishments like beveling or etching.


A more intricate pattern that could include geometric and/or numerous curved design, with may pieces (20-100+) and few, if any, specialty pieces like painted or sandblasted glass.


This includes very complex or unusual designs, with many pieces and specialty items, which can significantly drive up the price. Since these pieces tend to be so very custom, they are not priced per piece but rather charged per square foot.

Specialty Items

With stained glass, there are, of course, many specialty stained glass designs that often come into play, especially in the church and cathedral market, but are not altogether uncommon for high-end homes. These types of specialty items are almost always custom, are priced by the square foot and include:

Custom beveled glass prices:

There are thousands of “standard” bevel shapes to choose that are very affordable. However, custom beveled glass shapes are specially manufactured–increasing the price dramatically. That being said, the effect of custom beveled glass is absolutely beautiful and well worth the money. From a custom bevel, you can expect two things: 1. to pay double the cost of a project and 2. To be absolutely thrilled with the stunning results.

Painted Glass Prices:

The images you see on church windows with the likeness of Jesus or saints, look life-like because the details are actually painted on by an artist and fired multiple times to achieve an intricate look.

Sandblasted or etched glass:

These techniques are used to carve designs or textures onto the surface layer of glass, giving it a lovely, high-end look. The technique ranges from deep carving to light etching, can be simple or complex and single to multi-layered. The unique way this technique changes the glass and reflects the light is simply stunning and well worth the extra cost.

Houston’s Stained Glass Experts

Stained glass pricing has a lot of variables and does require a consultation in order to provide the most accurate pricing. All of our stained glass is handcrafted and custom, giving you the opportunity to accomplish virtually any design. Since there are so many variables in stained glass pricing, we always recommend finding a budget you’re comfortable with first. We’re always happy to work within your budget and to provide whatever’s possible. We’ll work with you to show designs in the top range and low range of your budget so that you can discover all of your options.
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