Stained Glass Bathroom Windows

Bathroom stained glass is a stunning feature that instantly creates a look of luxury and refinement. Just like a beautiful work of art, the designs are intricate and masterfully planned. And bathrooms are flooded with gorgeous natural light once privacy curtains are replaced with a custom beveled or leaded window, making a tremendous difference in the room.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we’re experts when it comes to crafting elegant, eye-catching bathroom features. Our stained glass bathroom windows provide Houston homes with a special touch and a unique feature that adds lasting value.

Enhance Your Bathroom with Stained & Leaded Glass Windows

Have you ever considered adding stained glass to the windows in your bathrooms? Of course, stained glass is primarily a piece of art, but it also has some practical applications that many people have never thought of.

In many of Houston’s developments, the houses were built so close together that neighbors can see right into each other’s rooms. This is uncomfortable in any room, but most definitely not what you want for the bathroom!

Many modern Houston homes are built with a lovely picture window or bay window next to the tub. This is particularly popular in the master bathroom.

This is a beautiful design feature if your window opens up into a big back yard, greenbelt or unobstructed view of a lake, but not so beautiful if it opens up onto a neighbor’s home or a strip mall.

Many Houston homes are now using stained glass bathroom windows as the perfect remedy – unlike blinds or shades, stained glass adds beauty and value along with privacy, and lets the sun shine in.

Bathroom windows are one of the most popular locations to install our colorless leaded windows. These styles are built with interesting textures, beveled glass or even etched glass.

Elegant Privacy Glass for Bathroom Windows

Stained glass windows can give you just the amount of protection from prying eyes you are looking for, look lovely and elegant, and even provide an extra layer of insulation. And while you’re at it, a matching stained glass door for the shower would look pretty amazing.

Scottish Stained Glass is custom made, so it can be applied to any size or shape of bathroom window. Talk to one of our Houston designers today to see the incredible selection of styles, textures, colors and designs available.

How Can Your Home Benefit from Bathroom Stained Glass?

Bathroom windows have some specific needs that other windows in your home don’t have. Moisture is a concern as well as the ability for easy cleaning. Scottish Stained Glass has developed innovative solutions to address these concerns.

For instance, because of the amount of moisture present, we will often sandwich the stained glass panel in between two other panels of regular clear glass. The clear glass is easily cleaned, and the stained glass panel is protected from fogging, dirt or mold. This allows our glass to be easily cleaned and remain free of any fogging or mold issues. You could expect a stained glass panel installed in this way to last for decades without losing any of its structural integrity or elegant beauty. Perhaps even centuries?

Add Value, Beauty & Sophistication to Your Home

Most of our clients consider their Houston stained glass windows, whether in the bathroom or anywhere else, as featured attractions of their home. They most definitely raise the home’s resale value, and are sometimes the main thing that makes your home stand out from others when you decide to sell it.

Each Houston stained glass bathroom window is custom designed and hand crafted to your specific needs and individual tastes. These windows are certainly a unique solution to a privacy problem. We think you will be surprised and pleased at how affordable they are.

Contact Us for Bathroom Stained Glass in Houston

Scottish Stained Glass is the leading expert in Houston specializing in custom leaded and stained glass windows for bathrooms. Give us a call today, to talk with one of our designers about your needs. We look forward to working with you.