Stained glass can be customized with any colors you choose.

Stained glass can be customized with any colors you choose.

Custom stained glass is not limited to the traditional colors that are often associated with church glass windows. Custom stained glass has come a long way from its traditional roots as far as different styles, patterns, textures, and colors go.

Creating custom stained glass windows today includes using colors from a larger color palette. In fact, there are no colors you could ever want that we could not match for you. We source our glass from the top quality glass makers around the world.

This is great news for Houston homeowners, because you can choose the stained glass colors that complement your tastes and your décor.

Which stained glass colors do you prefer? Of course, traditional church stained glass was done in really vivid, rich, even intense colors. These might seem a bit overpowering for your living room, entry way, or kitchen.

If you are partial to earth tones, there is a huge variety available. If you are partial to pastels, you will be delighted with our selection. If you like jewel tones, or even clear textured glass to make a specific impact that will match any décor or color scheme, we have the glass.

Scottish Stained Glass Houston

Stained glass colors can complement your existing décor, by matching it. For instance, if your home is decorated in creams and taupes, you might find earth tones to be the perfect choice to create a tonal harmony.

On the other hand, you might want to create custom stained glass in colors that will really stand out against all the creams and taupes, that will provide brilliant pops of contrasting color. If this is your taste, then you might prefer mostly clear glass with vivid colors integrated into the design, such as Prairie Style stained glass, or the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.

There are some other things to consider when choosing stained glass colors. Are you a person who likes to frequently redecorate your home? Or might you be thinking of selling your house not too far down the road, perhaps after the kids grow up and move out? If either of these are the case, then you need to consider your color choices carefully. Neutrals, clear glass, frosted and textured glass might be better choices for you than colored glass, for two reasons.

If you use neutrals or clear glass, your windows will still look phenomenal, no matter what color scheme you might decide upon when redecorating. They will match literally anything.

And if you might at some point put the house up for sale, the same principle applies. If you use neutrals, clears, frosteds, then you can rest assured that your stained glass colors will match with what any prospective buyer has in mind.

Stained glass colors, stained glass patterns, stained glass styles. These are some of the choices you’ll have to make when you work with Custom Stained Glass Houston to create custom windows or doors. Nice choices, wouldn’t you say? We say, let the fun begin! Why not call us today?

Martin Faith is a celebrated stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. In 1991, Martin moved from Scotland to the United States and brought with him his personal collection of antique glass. After opening his own studio, he began selling items from his collection and also creating new custom stained and leaded glass windows for customers in the Houston area. Today, Custom Stained Glass Houston is one of the largest and most successful studios of its kind, specializing in stained glass repair, church stained glass restoration, and residential privacy glass. Over the past thirty years, over 50,000 windows have been produced and sold for over 12,000 customers. The company has been highlighted on top media outlets such as HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, and NBC and has earned national recognition.

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