Stained Glass Bathroom Windows Houston

Stained Glass Bathroom Windows Houston

Houston homes are often built with bathroom windows to increase the natural light within your space. While the light is great, many homeowners end up blocking it out with blinds or curtains to achieve privacy. Instead of choosing between the benefits of having a bathroom window, why not get the best of both worlds with a leaded glass window?

Bathroom stained glass windows are one of our most popular applications for just this reason! By using textured or even colored glass, you can create the level of privacy that you need for this space without blocking natural light. Let our designers show you the options for your home today!

Selecting Your Bathroom Stained Glass

Our process begins with an free consultation with a member of our design team. Your designer will take this time to learn more about which styles you prefer for your home, and will always bring glass samples and photos to help you get a better idea. Your designer can even sketch out and price different options for your unique windows.


Custom Stained Glass Houston










The great thing about custom leaded glass windows is that we can fit to any size or shape that you need, so if you have an oddly shaped window- no problem! You may have seen mass-produced leaded glass windows in some of the big-box stores, but why settle for a design that you only like when you choose a custom window that you love?

In terms of design, your options are nearly limitless. We have worked with thousands of clients with style preferences all across the spectrum, and we pride ourselves in the ability to accommodate all style points, and bring even the most unique designs to life in stained glass!

Many homeowners are worried about the moisture from baths and showers damaging their stained glass windows, but we offer a great solution for this as well. In bathrooms we commonly seal the stained glass window within two pieces of tempered glass to create an efficient and protective seal. This way your stained glass is easier to clean, and will never be damaged by over-exposure to moisture.

Custom Stained Glass Houston

If you have any questions about the process for bathroom windows, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with a designer, contact us via phone or email today to get started! We can’t wait to begin working with you to find a beautiful addition to your bathroom windows that will allow you to fully enjoy your space!

Martin Faith is a celebrated stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. In 1991, Martin moved from Scotland to the United States and brought with him his personal collection of antique glass. After opening his own studio, he began selling items from his collection and also creating new custom stained and leaded glass windows for customers in the Houston area. Today, Custom Stained Glass Houston is one of the largest and most successful studios of its kind, specializing in stained glass repair, church stained glass restoration, and residential privacy glass. Over the past thirty years, over 50,000 windows have been produced and sold for over 12,000 customers. The company has been highlighted on top media outlets such as HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, and NBC and has earned national recognition.

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